We Specialize in offering prefabricated and fully tested piping spools.

We can also manufacture standalone piping components such as 
1. Elbows: 1D, 1.5D 
2. Bends: 2D onwards upto any larger radius
3. Tees: Straight, Reducing, Y/Lateral, multiple branch
4. Reducers: Concentric & Eccentric
5. Caps
6. Forged Fittings: Flanges, Olets, Plugs etc
7. Orifice

Materials: Specialists in Exotic Alloys such as Inconel, 904L, Hastelloy, Monel apart from Duplex steels, Chrome Molly Alloys for power industry:

We have special machinery to manufacture mandrel bends for tight radii and also sweep roll bends for large bend radii. These bends can be made as continuous multiplane bends and hence avoiding weld joints.

Cushion Tee